Our roles

Administration Associate / Estimator

Our estimators have a variety of qualifications, experience and interests – art, physiotherapy, hospitality, graphic design, maths, sport, law. Your background could be just as different; your technical ability and a desire to do right by the customer is what matters most. Our estimator’s skill to understand something that seems complex and make it simple for our clients and other departments is a big factor in their individual success and Steelo’s success. The desire to be flexible enough to find solutions, be reliable in the clients’ eyes and be persuasive, determines an Estimators’ success.

A day as an estimator includes:

  • Reading technical drawings, checking/confirming details, creating accurate quotes and preparing drawings for design department
  • Developing client relationships (by phone, email, in person), understanding what is important to them, delivering a positive and memorable experience
  • Explaining how we work with customers to ensure reliability
  • Creating solutions to our clients’ problems
  • Communicating effectively with the clients’ structural engineers and Steelo’s other departments
  • Using our CRM system, taking payments and arranging deliveries
  • Contributing ideas to develop the department
  • Achieving targets


Do I need experience?

Although it’s helpful you don’t need similar experience. If you have some technical ability, can visualise projects, never miss an important detail and have great people skills, you absolutely could be a successful Estimator.

Do I need to be good at maths?

The role doesn’t require structural calculations. Being able to identify details and follow procedures accurately and solve problems is very important though. Steelo have developed in a bespoke CRM and quoting IT system.

Do I have to do the hard selling?

No. We believe in providing an exceptional standard of service to our clients. Our CRM, design production and logistics systems are the best there is. Identifying what a customer needs, communicating how we can help confidently and being persuasive is key.

Design Engineer

The Design Engineer role can be summed up in 4 words: Details, Procedures, Solutions and Development. Design Engineers work closely with clients and their structural engineers to follow up details and communicate necessary changes. They create practical solutions for structural engineers’ requirements whilst ensuring buildability. Design Engineers work closely with our Estimators, Production team and their own team. Working at the final stage before a project goes to production means Design Engineers are responsible for delivering a design and following procedures correctly to ensure production have the right materials to complete an accurate project on time.

A day as a Design Engineer involves:

  • Reading technical drawings, checking/confirming details, taking measurements from clients’ templates, designing steel structures and connection, creating drawings for production
  • Working with clients, structural engineers, sales department and production about technical details to make sure that project is done correctly
  • Using Tekla Structures for steel design, Voortman Vacam program to create drawings for CNC machine
  • Ordering material for production from our supplier according to project requirements
  • Occasionally visiting a site to see our product installed
  • Constantly improving knowledge about the steel industry, design programs and innovations, taking part in the webinars and courses
  • Contributing ideas to develop the department
  • Achieving project targets


Do I need to be a civil engineer?

No. We do have civil engineers in our design team, but we also have mechanical and chemical engineers. We’re open to candidates from other fields of study or CAD specialists. Design Engineers need to be able to understand project requirements, enjoy 3D modelling and follow procedures well.

Do I need experience?

Our current Design Engineers started as trainees. Steelo has developed an excellent training program for new designers. We offer progression to Design Engineer and Senior Design Engineer roles based on performance rather than time served. Our current Managing Design Engineer started as a trainee and began leading the department within 18 months.

You can watch our videos about some of our Designers’ and Interns’ experience at Steelo

Managing Design Engineer

Our current Managing Design Engineer started with Steelo as a trainee. Their skills development, great work and commitment were rewarded with regular promotions within the department and lead to the Managing Design Engineer position.  Technical knowledge is helpful in the role. Strong leadership, a passion for learning, desire to develop the department and ability to create a technically skilled, committed team is key. The Managing Design Engineer requires a unique blend of skills to support their Engineers to develop, push them to succeed and create a happy team.

The role involves:

  • All design Engineers responsibilities
  • Training new engineers and interns
  • Design quality control
  • Design Engineers evaluations
  • Coordination and cooperation with other departments
  • System development
  • Creating a development path within the design department
  • Leadership and teaching others how to be a good leader, making good decisions

Production Team Leader

The Production Team Leader is responsible for leading the team and coordinating projects to ensure all production and fabrication work is completed accurately and on time. We have invested in the latest machinery and equipment to make more of production automatic and support the team. This means the team leader regularly encourages training and adapts to improved ways of doing things.

The Production Team Leader’s day often involves:

  • Opening production, planning work for the next day to complete projects on time
  • Fabricating beams and sending them to the right section of work shop (painting, welding drilling)
  • Operating V600 CNC drilling machine
  • Communicating between the workshop and office about project issues and customer support
  • Ordering welding materials (bolts cutting discs etc)
  • Selection and Training of new production staff
  • Minimising risks and ensuring staff work safely
  • Ensuring all production work has been completed

Marketing Associate

The Marketing Associate is a diverse role with a huge contribution to the results of the business. They understand our customers every thought and make sure our clients know we can meet thier needs. The Marketing Associate picks up on trends, changes to the market and adapts to guide our marketing activities in the direction of new customers.

They do this by:

  • Planning, developing and implementing the Communication and Brand Strategy
  • Planning, developing and managing marketing campaigns (online and offline)
  • Social media content creation, publishing, managing
  • Producing content – copy, graphics, videos, photos for general marketing purposes
  • Maintaining Steelo’s brand reputation – online, offline, PR
  • Updating our website (changes to pages, new pages, new content, blog updates)
  • Data analysis and research for existing and new customers – looking for patterns in customers perceptions and behaviour
  • Event planning, marketing and management

Bookkeeper / Accounts Associate

The Bookkeeper / Accounts Associate is the lead for the accounts department.  They are a very reliable person who has a meticulous eye for detail, who feels a little thrill and joy when the Trial Balance is correct and the Bank Statements reconcile. Knowing accounting standards is good but won’t be enough for us. We also look for that person who can implement their knowledge, utilise Hire Purchase entries, assign Pre-payments, and allocate R&D grants.

The bookkeeper’s focus includes:

  • Collecting all sales receipts from Debit Cards, Bank Payments & Cash from the previous day and balancing them on Steelo system
  • Producing invoices on Xero system for each receipt, importing and matching them. Printing and then e-mailing sales invoices to clients. Solving any queries along the way
  • Collecting all paper & e-mailed purchase invoices and entering them on Xero. Checking bank accounts and matching all transactions in Xero
  • Running weekly accounts from Xero for reporting and updating spreadsheets
  • Entering all account information on Xero, running journals for monthly reports and updating spreadsheets
  • Producing quarterly reports from Xero to produce a VAT report
  • Running annual reports from Xero and correcting anything for Year End
  • Keeping Directors informed of the progress of the business and support them for any accounts-based projects


Do I need Xero experience?

Not specifically. But experience of using accounting software is important. Regardless of the software you have used, knowing how to use it accurately and to maximise its benefits are important.

How will I progress?

Steelo is very ambitious. We support staff to reach the highest level they perform well at. The role will evolve, and progression is never limited by tenure at Steelo.