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Steel Section FAQs

Selection of questions sent to our team about structural steel sections and steel fabrication:

The selection of a steel section is highly dependent on the type of load it needs to withstand. Additionally, different profiles are designed to be efficient in bearing specific kinds of loads. Consequently, selecting the right profile ensures the structural integrity and safety of the construction.

In structural engineering drawings, steel beams are typically represented by thick dashed lines. Moreover, alongside these lines, you’ll find a description of the beam which includes its specifications and properties.

Steel sections can be connected using various methods such as welding, bolting, or riveting. Furthermore, the choice of connection method depends on factors such as load requirements, ease of installation, and project budget.

To ensure high quality, it’s important to purchase steel sections from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, checking for certifications and compliance with national or international standards can give you confidence in the quality of the steel sections. Additionally, by verifying these factors, you can ensure that the steel sections meet the necessary specifications and requirements for your project.

Steel sections are durable, recyclable, and often require less material than other construction options. Additionally, this contributes to sustainability by reducing waste and the environmental impact. Moreover, the longevity of steel sections minimizes the need for frequent replacements, further enhancing their sustainability credentials.

Yes, if standard sizes and shapes do not meet the requirements of your project, steel sections can be custom-fabricated. Nonetheless, this might increase the cost and lead time of your project. Additionally, the customization process involves precise measurements, specialized manufacturing, and additional coordination with suppliers, which should be taken into consideration when evaluating the feasibility of customization.

“Hot-rolled” steel sections are created by heating steel and shaping it while it is hot, which allows for the creation of complex shapes. In contrast, “cold-formed” sections are shaped at room temperature. This method often results in a higher strength-to-weight ratio, but it comes with a limitation on the complexity of shapes. Additionally, the cold-forming process enables the production of uniform and precise sections, making it suitable for applications where structural efficiency is paramount.

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