On-site. On-time. Every-time.

Delivering a quality steel products on time is one of the greatest challenges for the structural steel industry. At Steelo we understand that failure to meet project deadlines can be costly so we ensure we always deliver.

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We manufacture the highest quality steel products, from simple connections to entire building frames.

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Complete prefab structures

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About Us

Our experienced team operate from our semi-automated plant near Heathrow Airport.

Steelo understands that when you order structural steel products, you want more than just for the product to turn up. You need the product to be on time, to specification, and built to last.

We have forged our reputation on our ability to design, produce and deliver the highest quality product, to the highest standard. We were recently named Build Magazines Best Structural Steel Fabricator in London (Oct 2022).

Delivering value at the competitive price, whilst not compromising the quality is our mission. At Steelo we strive to reduce lead times by adopting better scheduling and production control habits.

We’re confident in our promise to get it there:
On-site. On-time. Every-time

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