Do you run a business in the steel industry? Do you feel like it’s possibly time to step down or retire? Have you encountered some circumstances which are holding you back from growing your business? Or are you just tired and ready to encounter new horizons?

Steelo exists to revolutionise the structural steel industry. Innovation at Steelo is built on sharing ideas, experimenting, constant learning, building on what works and getting it done. Here at Steelo our service and our culture go hand in hand, guided by our five core values which the company was built upon.
As the young and passionate generation in the steel industry we would be honoured to be your company’s torchbearers. We will ensure your legacy through our mission to revolutionise the steel industry, all supported by our core values: perfect outcomes, respect, simplicity, transparency and the belief, that the only constant is change.
The ultimate purpose of a business is to bring value to our world.
Any business is like a living organism, that flourishes under the right circumstances. It provides joy to customers, a lifestyle for its employees and fulfilment for its suppliers. Ensuring engagement and happiness for all its stakeholders.
If you have built a business in the steel industry, then you have provided thousands of steel structures. Under your structures people watch their favourite team, wait for buses, manufacture goods, change planes, cross rivers, create new habitual areas. They meet other people, flirt, fall in love, create new beings, all under your structures.
This is why we want to keep your legacy alive. You have brought magic into the world and it is our duty to ensure your pride and joy continues to thrive in safe hands. It is also about being loyal to your customers, employees and suppliers.
If you would like to discuss how your company can keep going for the decades to come, please get in touch with me, Michael Krajewski, founder and CEO of Steelo Ltd.
I will be more than happy to discuss bringing the steel industry into the future.
I look forward to hearing from you!
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