We use welds here every day. We weld steel beams to one another to make crank beams. We weld end caps onto beams and baseplates onto columns. Fin plates, stiffeners, gussets – you name it, we can weld it. If you want to know a bit more about the welding we do at Steelo then read on.

There are two main categories of welding – fusion and non-fusion. Both are used to join two pieces of metal together. We use a fusion type, which means the metals are melted and mixed where their surfaces meet. Of course, it isn’t that easy to melt metal, but there are a few ways to do it:

-gas flame

-electric arc


Arc welding is the most common. You need two electrodes that are oppositely charged to generate a current between them. The workpiece is one of them – the other can be consumable or non-consumable. A consumable electrode will become part of the weld and is used up in the process.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

At Steelo we weld with Gas Metal Arc Welding, that uses a consumable metal wire as the electrode. The “gas” refers to a gas (a mixture of CO2 and Argon) which is used to keep away air contaminants. This type of welding is also referred to as MIG or MAG welding.

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding is similar but generally uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode instead. The tungsten has an extremely high melting point, which is why it isn’t used up in the process.

We use MIG welding because we are joining thick metals together, along long weld lines. We value high quality welds that can made quickly, and MIG welding is the best for the job. And we’re flexible. Do you want a 6mm FW or 8mm? A continuous weld or hit/miss. Just let us know exactly what you need and we’ll pass the information on to our expert welders.