Are you an Office Administrator but feel like you’re not challenged enough in your current placement? Do you feel it’s time for you to conquer the construction industry? Sign up for another Steelo Academy event.

Sign up for our 1-day training course and become an Estimator!

Our training covers:

  • Basic knowledge and vocabulary used in the construction industry
  • Knowledge all about structural steel – basic knowledge of UK steel including sections, connections and vocabulary
  • Ability to read structural and architectural drawings
  • Marking steelwork on technical drawings – Approaching the first fundamental steps to strive for perfect outcomes
  • Preparation of quotations in Steelo’s CRM system based on technical drawings

The course will be run by our experienced Estimators here at Steelo, who, with years of experience, have been serving and building professional relationships with customers within the construction industry.

Only 10 places left.

Reserve a spot: £20 before Thursday 4th of July.

Lunch will be provided.

This event is perfect for office admins who’d like to conquer the construction industry or anyone with a passion for learning more about estimating!

Steelo Academy – become an Estimator! is taking place on Saturday, 6th July. 9am – 2pm.

Sign up for the event today. Simple leave your name & email below.

    What does an Estimator do?

    A day as an estimator includes:

    • Reading technical drawings, checking/confirming details, creating accurate quotes and preparing drawings for design department
    • Developing client relationships (by phone, email, in person), understanding what is important to them, delivering a positive and memorable experience
    • Explaining how we work with customers to ensure reliability
    • Creating solutions to our clients’ problems
    • Communicating effectively with the clients’ structural engineers and Steelo’s other departments
    • Using our CRM system, taking payments and arranging deliveries
    • Contributing ideas to develop the department
    • Achieving targets

    Estimator’s skill to understand something that seems complex and make it simple for clients and other departments is a big factor in their individual success. The desire to be flexible enough to find solutions, be reliable in the clients’ eyes and be persuasive, determines an Estimators’ success.