It’s not often you can combine two of your favourite things – but in this instance, we can! Two things we are very passionate about at Steelo are, Brentford FC and off-site fabrication! Next time you’re at the Gtech Community Stadium, take some time to look at the incredible apartment blocks in the surrounding area. Many of these have utilised off-site fabrication to rapidly increase the time in which these blocks were built, completed and ultimately, let out.

Off-site fabrication has become the construction’s biggest ‘Buzz word’ and we are happy to be involved with some of Europe’s most reliable supply chains for off-site fabrication. Here, you can see one aspect of the supply chain that we are a part of – Modular Balconies. The company that we supply parts to is a market leader in the design, engineering and installation of modular balcony units in Europe.

We have delivered over 20,000 modular balcony parts over our three-year partnership with this company and look forward to many more! Our expertise in off-site fabrication makes us a specialist in the field, offering pre-fabrication services to some of the UK’s largest contractors and developers.

What is Off-Site Fabrication?

Off-site fabrication is the construction of buildings or components in a factory setting, using assembly line techniques. This is in contrast to traditional ‘on-site’ methods where each building or component is constructed individually. The main advantages of off-site fabrication are that it can be carried out in a controlled environment (rather than being reliant on weather conditions), it can be easier to achieve consistent quality results, and it can often be quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

How Does Off-Site Fabrication Benefit Construction on Sites With Limited Space?

The use of off-site fabrication for the construction of Brentford FC’s new stadium has many benefits. Firstly, it reduces the need for large amounts of raw materials and transportation costs associated with traditional construction methods. Secondly, it minimises potential health and safety risks by reducing the amount of manual handling required on-site. Thirdly, it allows for more efficient use of labour resources and helps to avoid costly delays caused by bad weather conditions. Finally, it supports local businesses and helps to create jobs in the area.

Off-site fabrication is a revolutionising force within the construction industry, greatly benefiting those involved in its process from start to finish. If you’re ever at Brentford FC’s stadium, make sure to look around at the amazing work that’s been done made possible by off-site fabrication – you’ll be amazed at what you see!