What is Off-site Fabrication?

Off-site Fabrication is the process of constructing components, parts, and products remotely from the assembly site. This manufacturing method allows for greater control over the quality, cost, and time for production. When partnering with the right off-site fabricator, you will reduce manual labour costs as the project will be strategically planned from your delivery date.

Why use Off-site Fabrication?

Off-site fabrication can be used to create components from a variety of materials, at Steelo, we are specialists in the fabrication of structural steel. Using our expertise and equipment, we can rapidly incorporate any project into our production line removing the constraints compared to setting up a new production line in-house.

This method also offers several advantages in terms of cost reduction. Since most off-site fabrication processes are automated or semi-automated, much of the labour costs associated with traditional methods are eliminated. Additionally, since no moulds or injection moulding tools are required for production, setup costs are greatly reduced as well. Off-site fabrication helps companies reduce material waste by allowing them to precisely cut components according to their exact specifications without any extra material being discarded in the process. This increases efficiency levels while also helping companies save on energy costs as fewer processes are needed for production.

Overall, off-site fabrication can offer numerous benefits for manufacturers—from cost reductions to faster turnaround times than other traditional manufacturing methods—making it an attractive option for those looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

Here are of 10 benefits from using Off-site Fabrication with Steelo:

  1. Reduces the amount of material waste – Applying the Lean manufacturing process, we supply more precise and accurate service resulting in a cost affecting the final product.
  2. Reduced production costs – At Steelo, we optimise our production line to run efficiently to your deadlines. Reducing access labour cost and overtime.
  3. We are experts in Structural Steel – By outsourcing offsite fabrication processes to Steelo, companies can take advantage of years of expertise with structural steel.
  4. Innovation of the Steel industry – we utilise the 3D printing of steel and robotic welding which eliminates human error and offers a 24/7 workforce.
  5. Precision Engineering – Our semiautomated plant offers industry-leading accuracy and higher precision compared to other traditional methods.
  6. Trusted Partners – we are a trusted partner to Imperial College London, Cranfield University, WAAM and BOC on world-leading innovation projects
  7. Reduced set-up costs – Our production line is fully operational and requires no setup costs.
  8. Offsite fabrication also helps companies save on energy costs by reducing the number of processes required to complete a product
  9. Bespoke offering – We provide design flexibility and support from experience we know that to create custom parts that are not available through traditional production methods, flexibility is required.
  10. Lastly, offsite fabrication helps companies stay competitive in the market by providing them with industry-leading turnaround times.



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