Peri’s fascination with engineering and design was evident from a young age, driving him to pursue a degree in design engineering at the prestigious Greenwich University in 2016. This educational background allowed him to cultivate a strong foundation in engineering principles and a deep understanding of design methodologies.

Upon joining Steelo in 2020 as a Design Engineer, Peri’s exceptional talent and relentless work ethic became immediately apparent. His dedication to his craft and his ability to effectively collaborate with colleagues led to a swift rise through the ranks. Before long, he assumed the role of Design Team Leader, a position that entrusted him with the responsibility of managing and guiding the design team. As the voice of the design team, Peri plays a vital role in ensuring that their needs, concerns, and ideas are effectively communicated to the rest of the organization.

Peri’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in his pursuit of increased efficiency and accuracy within the design team. He consistently seeks out innovative solutions and best practices to streamline processes and enhance the team’s overall performance. By doing so, he benefits the design team and contributes to the optimization of broader processes at Steelo.

In addition to his impressive engineering and design skills, Peri is a talented artist who is adept at working with both traditional and digital mediums. This artistic prowess further enriches his work as a design engineer, as it enables him to infuse his technical designs with a keen aesthetic sensibility. Peri’s ability to blend art and engineering showcases his versatility and adds immense value to the projects he undertakes at Steelo.

As both an engineer and an artist, Peri is an exceptional asset to Steelo. His dedication to his work, combined with his constant pursuit of improvement and his diverse range of skills, make him an integral member of the team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success and growth within the company.