Ever built a production or workshop and not known where to start?

Don’t worry, everyone does! So here we are, ready to share some behind-the-scenes insight into every piece of equipment that we have in our depot, where it sits in the production process and our honest opinion on if you should add it to your production line.

Let us kick start by saying that every production line is different, and we know that ours look different from what you would expect a Structural steel firm to look like. This comes down to some manufacturing methods we stand by. In future articles, we’ll go into more detail but one that always stands out is Lean Manufacturing. This principle is the basis for everything we do on our production line and allows us to supply industry-leading lead times by preventing wasted time and materials.

Check back for more blogs in this series, where we’ll show what goes into building a workshop.

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Our machines
  • Cranes
  • Welding equipment
  • Robots

And more!