In August, our team suffered a failure in one of our machines that resulted in them manually measuring and drilling with magnetic drills for over three weeks. They quickly adapted and reorganised our production line to accommodate magnetic drilling with no delays to project output. At Steelo, we pride ourselves on our accuracy and precision engineering, after seeing this can be achieved without our semi-automated machinery it poses the question, “Why do we use them?”. To answer this, here is a look into The Mechanical Advantage, a concept brought to light in 2016 with the introduction of ‘Super Shoes’ in athletics.

The Mechanical advantage

The term “mechanical advantage” might appear as a made-up jargon but just like how advanced running shoes provide athletes with a competitive edge, the mechanical advantage in fabrication, particularly in structural steel fabrication, is a game-changer.

For starters, the mechanical advantage is the amplification of force achieved by using a machine. Think of it as the difference between running barefoot and using advanced running shoes. The advance and often more expensive shoes, make running easier and can reduce the risk of injury with increasing support and protection. In addition to this, not only is there added protection, but there’s also an enhancement in performance, comfort, and efficiency. With this in mind, you can start to see the advantage when transitioning from magnetic drilling to using automated machinery such as the Voortman v600 in structural steel fabrication.

As we delve deeper into the mechanical advantage, let’s explore how the Voortman v600 has revolutionized the steel fabrication industry and provided an advantage here at Steelo.

1. Increased Productivity

The Voortman v600, an epitome of modern engineering, accelerates the drilling process significantly when compared to its traditional counterparts. Analogous to a sprinter gaining momentum with advanced running shoes, the Voortman v600 boosts productivity levels by delivering high-speed drilling, resulting in a more efficient fabrication process.

2. Precision and Accuracy

Mechanical advantage isn’t just about speed; it’s about precision too. Just like advanced running shoes allow runners to maintain their gait and posture, the Voortman v600 ensures accurate and precise drilling. It eliminates manual measuring errors that are common with traditional magnetic drills, thus ensuring consistency in steel fabrication.

3. Enhanced Safety

When it comes to structural steel fabrication, safety is paramount. The Voortman v600 ensures safety by automating the drilling process, reducing the chances of workplace accidents. Much like advanced running shoes safeguard athletes from potential injuries, the Voortman v600 provides an added layer of safety to workers in the steel fabrication industry.

4. Reduction in Labour Intensity and Cost

The mechanical advantage the Voortman v600 offers also translates into reduced labour intensity and costs. Automating a significant part of the drilling process, reduces the need for manual labour, resulting in cost savings. It’s akin to how advanced running shoes, while being an investment, can lead to savings in healthcare costs by preventing injuries and reducing strain.

5. Long-Term Reliability

Voortman v600’s durability ensures it stands the test of time. Just like advanced running shoes designed for longevity can withstand various terrains and weather conditions, the Voortman v600 provides a reliable solution for steel fabrication needs, making it a worthy long-term investment.

In conclusion, the mechanical advantage in structural steel fabrication, as exemplified by the Voortman v600, is a key determinant of efficiency, productivity, and safety. By embracing this innovative machine, businesses in the steel fabrication industry can truly run their operations like an athlete donned in advanced running shoes – faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Leverage the mechanical advantage in your fabrication processes, and watch as it propels your steel fabrication business ahead, much like how advanced running shoes push athletes beyond their limits. After all, in the race of fabrication, steel is the runner, and the Voortman v600? Well, it’s the advanced running shoe that gives you the competitive edge!