At Steelo, September carries more weight than merely signalling the season’s shift; it stands as a dedicated time for introspection and appreciation. To our clients and partners, this month is a testament to our journey together.

This year, we marked our 14th anniversary. It’s a significant milestone, and we commemorated it with a company barbeque. Before kicking off our Summer Sale, we came together to acknowledge our achievements and set our sights on the horizon, hoping to encapsulate the energy and vibrancy of the summer months just a little longer.

Historical reflection a Steelo September tradition. Amid our discussions, we couldn’t help but look back to our early days: a modest garage in Isleworth, a team of three friends and the promise of growth. Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown into an industry benchmark with a semi-automated steel fabrication facility. Beyond the machinery, our most valuable asset is our diverse team of professionals. From novices to industry veterans, each member adds a distinct value to Steelo.

The year in review was nothing short of dynamic. In an industry that often seeks continuity, we experienced a transformative change. We welcomed innovative minds, saw the return of experienced hands, and said goodbye to others who embodied the Steelo ethos but ventured into new challenges.

Understanding the rigours of the building profession – the stringent timelines, the evolving methodologies, and the perpetual drive for excellence – we aspire for Steelo to be a beacon of both professional challenge and reward. A platform where steel is not the only element that’s moulded; relationships and careers are too.

To every professional who has been a part of our narrative, we extend our sincere gratitude. Steelo is more than a brand; it’s a legacy shaped by individuals like you. Your commitment, expertise, and vision are the foundational blocks of our success.

As we celebrate 14 years, we remain poised for many more avenues of innovation and collaboration. We’re excited for the myriad projects, groundbreaking techniques, and shared successes that lie ahead.

With this in mind, we invite you to share your experiences: If you have a noteworthy Steelo story, perhaps a challenging project or a significant milestone achieved in collaboration with us, please connect. Reach out to us at or through our official social media channels. Your stories, insights, and feedback are invaluable as we continue to fortify our professional community.