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Over 9 years, we have been working closely with construction foremen & builders, structural engineers and architects and noticed, that when there’s a structural steel on a building site, there is a gap between theory and practise. We have been listening to the pains and frustrations of our customers and observed that:

– builders are forced to measure up for steel before the building site is fully exposed
– incorrect dimensions result in necessary re-fabrication, which delays the project
– lead times in the steel industry are generally quite long.

We have been tailoring our service to address most common issues and help our clients to run building sites smoothly, but at the same time, we have also noticed that even perfectly designed and fabricated steelwork can be very difficult to erect on site.  

Our next event, prepared by the Design Engineering department at Steelo, is dedicated to Structural Engineers and Architects. We would like to invite you to an open discussion, how to design the steelwork so that it will fit on a building site easily and safely and how together we can make the construction industry a better place.

We will also speak about the importance of reliability in the construction industry, how implemented innovations help us to fabricate quality steelwork and what are the latest outcomes of our R&D project of 3D printing of steel.

After the last presentation, we will invite you to a quick networking session, followed by the tour of our semi-automated workshop. You will also have a chance to practise your welding skills in our welding bay!

Event agenda:

1. Why reliability is crucial in the construction industry

– Introduction by Michael Krajewski, founder of Steelo

2. Introduction to Structural Steel

– Most popular sections, connections, structures
-Steel ordering and fabrication process

3. How to design structural steel so that it will fit safely on the building site? – OPEN DISCUSSION

– Theory vs practice
– Most common issues

4. The future of structural steel 

– Structural steel 3D printing; R&D project partnered with Cranfield University, Warwick University, Foster + Partners

5. Networking session

6. Steelo tour 

7. Welding practise session


Please note that photographs and video recording may take place at this event for use in Steelo’s promotional materials (including our website).

Register your interest using the form below. We will contact you via email closer to the time of the event with booking details.

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