At Steelo we go to very great lengths to make sure we have the right person, in the right role. We have a tried and tested process when it comes down to hiring to make sure that we create the right roles for the correct people. We want people to flourish here at Steelo and not to get stuck in the same old rut. We encourage growth and learning amongst our employees so they’re always motivated and eager to come to work on a Monday morning, because who wants those dreaded Sunday blues, right?

We have four separate screenings for each potential candidate and tailor them to the role. These screenings start with an initial CV check to see if your experience fits our job role criteria, going onto a carefully thought out task we send by email, these tasks are created especially for the role you have applied for. We then hold telephone interviews with either our HR team or the relevant line manager. If successful we invite the candidate in to have a tour of our offices and production facility followed by an interview with a pre-selected panel of our employees.

Why all the screenings and processes you ask?

Everything at Steelo orbits around our 5 core values.

  1. We strive for perfect outcomes
  2. We have respect in our DNA
  3. We aspire to simplicity
  4. We value transparency
  5. We believe the only constant is change

Our successful candidates who have gone on to make influential changes in our culture by sharing these values with us. New starters have gone onto creating innovative and new ideas here at Steelo that have aided our vision of setting new standards of service in the steel industry.

Each of our screenings ensures that these values are upheld by the candidate and are ingrained into how they deal with various situations and issues in their day to day life. We look for different qualities also, however our core values are at the heart of everything we do here at Steelo.

If you share the same excitement and determination as us and want to impact industries that are desperately crying out for new standards of service then please go to and apply for one of our roles by sending us over your CV.

Good luck!