Huge progress for our R&D team: we have recently programmed our 3D printing robot to weld a plate to a steel beam. Welds looking good, we will be now performing weld tests in order to CE certify the welding process!

At Steelo we believe that all industries should be experimenting and investing in innovative ideas and technologies.

In 2019 we purchased our first robot and set-up an R&D team. From 2018 we have actively explored the viability of 3D printing technology in the structural steel industry.

The R&D team is combining optimised programming and WAAM (Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology to achieve outstanding results creating possibilities towards full automation.

We are teaming up with various UK based Universities and companies from construction and robotics backgrounds to achieve the best all-rounded R&D.

In mid-2019 we set up an internship programme for young and skilled professionals, allowing them to develop their skills in robotics and assist our team in furthering this endeavour.

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