The CA-1 Arm is an easy-to-install system that can withstand loads up to 300kg per arm.

Each arm features an overhanging end plate to ensure safety when loading and unloading stored materials.

The fixed extension length of 900mm.

Sold as individual units.

Available with 5 working day lead times.

Please enquire about any bespoke options.

Whats in the box?

1 x CA-1 arm

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Height 300mm

Width 100mm

The racks to be 4.0m high at 1.0m centers with bracing in every other bay. The rack shelves to be 1.0m long cantilever beams supporting 300kg load.

Base beam is allowed to transfer the loads to the industrial slab and to counter the overturning.

Load on rack arms 300kg = 3kN

Allow for dynamic factor 1.5 = 1.5 x 4.5 kN

The bending moment on connection 2.25kNm

Bolt centres 0.15m

Tension in 2 bolts 30kN, that is 15kN per bolt use M16 bolts grade 8.8


Allow for 9 arms on column with each arm generating unfactored bending moment of 2.25kNm per arm
Unfactored bending moment on column 9×2.25=20.25kNm
Factored moment M=20.3kNm x 1.6 = 32kNm (factored)
Factored Vertical load on column 9×4.5kNx1.6=65kN

Bending moment on connection 32.0kNm
Bolt centres 0.25m

Tension in 2 bolts 128kN, that is 60kN per bolt use M20 bolts grade 8.8

Bolt capacity with 12mm steel plate is 110kN per bolt