Steelo Turns 10!

Steelo celebrates its 10th anniversary! Happy 10th Birthday to us.

Founded in 2009, Steelo was created with you – our Customer – in mind. We’d like to say thank you to you all – without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating 10th Birthday. Thank you for being with us and trusting us with your projects!

Here’s how we celebrated the 10th Anniversary last Friday:

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Steelo Time Capsule

On our 10th anniversary, we’ve decided to create a Steelo Time Capsule to capture all important things that happen in 2019. Our sales and marketing materials, photos and important company documents were closed, bolted and symbolically welded in the steel Time Capsule made in our workshop. It was great fun for the whole team! Time Capsule will be closed in our CEO’s office and to be opened in the next 10 years! We already wonder how we will change by this time…

So… what’s next?

We’re not stopping here, we’re just getting started! Steelo has got great plans for growth and to better serve construction companies by continuously revolutionising the steel industry.

We will continue developing an online store, further research implementing AI for quoting to speed up the pricing process and to further explore the viability of 3D printing steel connections, using our robot.